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Homemade Gravies


Homemade Gravies

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All Natural. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavorings or Colorings

Homemade Gravies:
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Homemade Gravies:

Marinara - Good enough to call your own!   $4.99/pt.     (v)

Meat Marinara - Hearty beef!   $6.99/pt.     

Pesto - Our classic blend of fresh basil, Romano cheese and crushed pine nuts is delicious on Pesto, Chicken or Plain ravioli.   $5.99/ 1/2 pt.

Diablo - Our own version of (not too) spicy meat sauce.   $6.99/pt.

Port Wine Marinara - Fresh crushed plum tomatoes with just the right amount of port wine.  Lovely with anything, especially our seafood products.   $6.99/pt.     (v)

Vodka Marinara - A blend of marinara, cream and vodka.  Perfect on almost everything we make!   $6.99/pt.

Alfredo - Our version of the classic.   $6.99/pt.

Crab - We use whole, live crab and real crab meat to create this gravy.  Great on linguini.   $7.59/pt.

Porcini Mushroom - A creamy blend with real porcini made this a Best of Philly award winner!   $6.99/pt.

White Clam Sauce - Perfect over our capellini with a nice white wine.   $6.99/pt.

Wild Mushroom Marinara with Jersey Tomatoes -   $6.99/pt.     (v)


*(v) indicates product is naturally vegan-friendly

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