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Gourmet Ravioli


Gourmet Ravioli

from 6.99

One dozen per box, made with the finest ingredients. Serves two.

Today's Fresh Ravioli:
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Cheese Ravioli - Made fresh with our special, in-house blend of ricotta cheese   $6.99

Three-Cheese Ravioli - Ricotta, Pecorino Romano, and fresh shredded Mozzarella   $7.99

Broccoli Rabe - Only the freshest bunches get used.  Try with Superior's Porcini mushroom gravy or just a great dipping-quality Extra Virgin olive oil with grated cheese.   $10.49

Chicken Italiano - Chicken with spinach, extra sharp provolone and garlic. Try with Port Wine Marinara or our Roasted Pepper Salad.   $9.99

Eggplant Gorgonzola - Very flavorful - excellent with Superior's Marinara, a dipping-quality Extra Virgin olive oil, or especially Port Wine Marinara or Vodka Marinara gravy.   $9.99

Goat Cheese - A delightful blend of goat cheese, ricotta, and herbs - nice with our Port Wine or Vodka Marinara.   $9.99

Meat - Made with 100% Beef - try with tangy Diablo, Vodka Marinara, Porcini Mushroom, or just our great Marinara.  A real lip-smacker.   $9.99

Pumpkin - Butternut squash and our secret spices.  Mix with Marinara or a dipping-quality Extra Virgin olive oil with sauteed garlic and grated cheese (skip the garlic if you prefer).   $9.99

Spinach - Spinach pasta with chopped spinach in filling - try with Porcini Mushroom gravy or (Vodka) Marinara.  Of course, Alfred or Crab may also be used.   $9.99

Goat Cheese - A delightful blend of goat cheese, ricotta and herbs - nice with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and of course Vodka Marinara.   $9.99

Porcini Mushroom - A savory delight.  Of course, they are served best under Porcini gravy which was developed just for this ravioli.   $9.99

Crab - Whole crab is used in this delicious, decadent ravioli.   $11.99

Lobster - Great tasting lobster meat makes this a Superior Classic!  Fantastic under Vodka gravy.   $11.99

Roasted Garlic Shrimp - Fresh shrimp and roasted garlic blended with vegetables and our fresh ricotta. Wonderful with Port Wine Marinara or a dipping quality olive oil with grated cheese.   $11.99

Small 3-Cheese Ravioli (ravioletti) - Same great flavor as our cheese ravioli only smaller. 50 per box.   $8.99

Vegan 3-Cheese Ravioli - Our own special blend of vegan "cheese" created in-house to mimic our tried and true, old school cheese ravioli. Delicious!    $8.99     (v)

Vegan Porcini Mushroom - A best-seller featuring a blend of our vegan ricotta and porcini mushroom.    $10.99     (v)

*(v) indicates product is naturally vegan-friendly



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