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Fresh Pasta


Fresh Pasta

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Fresh, handmade and handcut. Made with only the freshest, all natural ingredients. Available Fettuccini (thickest), Linguini, Spaghetti or Capellini (thinnest).  Please specify the cut you would prefer. Certain flavor pastas cut either linguini or fettucini only. Sold by the pound. Each pound serves 2-3 people.


Fresh Pasta:
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Today's Fresh Pasta:

Egg (Plain) -A terrific start to a great dinner.  Add chicken, vegetables, meat or our meatballs plus a Superior gravy (Crab, Diablo, Clam) and you're on your way.   $4.99/lb.

Spinach - A full-flavored pasta, it should be served with a full-bodied gravy such as Porcini, Vodka or Alfredo.  Superior's clam gravies also go well.   $4.99/lb.

Garlic & Herb - One of our most popular pastas.  Try this with White or Red Clam gravy or even Crab and you have a wonderful seafood dish.   $4.99/lb.

Tomato & Basil - Full flavor and aroma, this pasta is sure to please the family.  Try with Marinara, Vodka or our wonderful Porcini gravy.   $4.99/lb.

Hot Pepper - A spicy pasta to add some zing to your day.  Try this pasta with Diablo meat gravy or Superior's Marinara sauce and meatballs for a wonderful meal.   $4.99/lb.

Whole Wheat - A rich pasta that is complemented nicely with either our Diablo or meat gravies; and as always, the Porcini gravy.   $4.99/lb.

Squid Ink - Black squid ink adds a different twist to our classic pasta. Great with our clam or crab sauce. $5.99/lb.


Our Squid Ink pasta.

Our Squid Ink pasta.

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