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Is Gluten-Free Right For You?

There is a gluten-free craze going on and the pasta industry has responded with products to match. So, while there are gluten-free options out there, should you be eating them?

As it turns out, probably not.

A gluten-free diet is necessary for people with a gluten allergy (celiac disease), but fewer than 1% of Americans suffer from this malady. Meanwhile, 30% of Americans are currently on a gluten-free diet. Why? The Wall Street Journal does a good job explaining the trend here:

To recap, even though the pasta you grew up eating--the pasta we make--usually contains more protein, more fiber, more vitamins, less carbs, and is, overall, healthier for you, some people are still buying gluten-free pasta based on dubious or non-existent health benefits. 

But the best reason to avoid gluten-free pasta is taste. Most people who try gluten-free pasta respond in the same way: “It tastes like cardboard!” And they’re right. At Superior Pasta, we strive to make your taste buds dance for joy. And we do so using only the most nutritional flours available.

Some Other Facts About Our Handmade Pasta

Our pasta is made with durum wheat which is low on the glycemic index. Why does that matter? LiveScience explains:

“What makes pasta healthy is the fact that it has a low glycemic index (GI)...and foods with a higher index number tend to spike the blood with sugar. This taxes the organs — in particular, the pancreas — and can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Pasta is remarkably low on the glycemic index. Pasta is around 25 to 45, depending on the type. That's in the range of many fruits and (non-potato) vegetables. Most pasta is in the "low glycemic index" category for the South Beach Diet. That is, pasta is an encouraged food in the South Beach diet, not because it is low-carb, but rather because it is a good carb.”

Read the whole article here:

A Note on Marinara

Tomato sauce has antioxidant properties which, among other benefits, helps fights prostate cancer. Combine one of our tomato-based sauces with our low-glycemic pastas and you create a healthy, nutritional, delicious dietary experience.  

Now, mangia, mangia!


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